Organized by a dedicated group of dog-lovers, Love Puppies serves to sponsor a series of events for all dog enthusiasts throughout each year. To-date we have raised over $100,000, mainly through the proceeds of our grass-roots fundraising parties, Puppy Love. In consolidation of three successful years with the Puppy Love party, we are aiming to mix things up throughout 2019; our purpose to generate continued and escalated interest, awareness, participation and commitment by presenting exciting new faces and fresh events, all to facilitate an evolving and grander 2019 fundraising goal of $50,000; to allow us to do more!

About the Love Puppies Team:

Nicole Marchand - Nicole founded Love Puppies with the Puppy Love party in 2015 all on her own. Since then she has inspired the rest of the team to join her efforts and make Love Puppies a growing fundraising success. Nicole has a fierce love of dogs and you will often find her trying to rescue, foster and adopt as many as she can - or at least helping others to do so. Charlotte is her #1 girl. Outside of Love Puppies you can find Nicole working in her own Investor Relations firm and travelling frequently.

Scarlett Rounthwaite - Scarlett joined Love Puppies in 2016 and was integral to the 2nd and 3rd Puppy Love parties' success. Scarlett is an avid dog lover with a soft spot for senior dogs and has adopted two rescue dogs so far! Her puppy is 2 year old Penny, a mexican rescue dog who loves racing around in the off-leash park and enjoying the new sniffs and smells outside the city. Outside of Love Puppies you can find Scarlett working in Business Development for a financial technology company.

Grace Rehak (Vong) – Grace joined Love Puppies in 2019 and helped organize this year’s Puppy Love party. She has always loved dogs and is the aunt of two pups, Apollo (Terrier Spaniel Mix) and Popeye (Toy Poodle). Outside of Love Puppies you can find Grace working in Business Development for a global Financial Technology company.

Ariel Schwieg - Ariel joined Love Puppies in 2018. She has a teacup Chihuahua named Copper who is 7 years old and loves to sit by the fire with his favourite toy bunny. Don't try to make Copper go outside in the winter - he refuses to go at all costs. 

Jordan Heidendahl - Jordan has been a key member of Love Puppies since 2016. Responsible for all of the creative design and artwork, Jordan has helped make each of the Puppy Love parties since '16 beautiful with both his digital and printed elements. Jordan is also dad to Jack, his little buddy, and arguably, best friend. Outside of Love Puppies you can find Jordan working as Senior Art Director at an ad agency. 

Nicola Smith - Nicola joined Love Puppies in 2018. She is excited for the opportunity to contribute and to be a voice for her favorite four legged friends. She has a 7 year old Rottweiler named Lyla who is known for her forever sweet and happy disposition. Outside of Love Puppies, Nicola runs her own dog walking business, WeWag Toronto where she serves the beaches, riverdale, regent park and leslieville.